Questions to Ask When Buying A Car

Questions to Ask When Buying A Car | Memphis TN | Serving Southaven, Whitehaven & the Goodman Road Area
Questions to Ask When Buying a Car for the First Time in Memphis, TN

Have you been considering the big purchase of a new vehicle? Are you a first time car-buyer? If you answered yes to both of these questions and need a little guidance, we're here to help. At Chuck Hutton Toyota, we understand how overwhelming it can sometimes be to weigh all of your options, especially when you've never bought a vehicle before. We want you to be as educated as possible about this decision, so check out these questions you should be asking before you buy a car for the first time.

Why do I need the car? You should always ask yourself why you need the car. Perhaps you've recently started a new job that requires you to commute, so maybe a more efficient vehicle would be worth considering. Or, maybe you're really into technology, and the connectivity of your vehicle is one of the most important things. Whatever your priorities might be, make sure you figure those out before you begin your search.

What are my must-haves? Before you even begin looking at cars online, you need to establish what your must-haves for a car would be. If you're living in a big city and parking on the street constantly, a rearview camera might be a must-have for parallel parking. Or, if you are always finding yourself without enough cargo space, room for cargo or passengers might be a must-have for you.

How much can I afford? Knowing your financial limits are important before you purchase a vehicle for the first time. Determine your budget, be practical and leave room for extra, unforeseen expenses. Plus, be sure to ask if you qualify for any programs or warranties. This question could save you a lot of money in the long-run.

May I see a copy of the car's history report? If you end up buying a used vehicle and not a new one (a smart move for a first-time buyer), don't forget to ask about the service and accident history of the vehicle. Ideally, you will be offered the CARFAX report so you would know in advance if there were any issues the car might have.

If you're interested in becoming a first-time car buyer or would like more information from us, give us a call or drop by our dealership at 4601 Hutton Way, Memphis, TN 38116 for a test-drive. We look forward to serving our customers from Memphis, TN, and throughout Southaven, Whitehaven and the Goodman Road Area!

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