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Does Oil Quality Matter?


Oil changes, as most people know, are important in the maintenance of your vehicle. Roughly every 5,000 to 6,000 miles (or sooner, in some cases) is a good goal for getting your car’s oil changed. But, do you know why oil changes are important or why oil quality matters? There is actually a possibility of using the wrong type of oil for your vehicle. To learn more about oil quality, keep reading!

Modern Oil

To know that you’re getting the best quality oil, make sure to look for the API service symbol or the API certification mark. They are shaped like a donut and a starburst, respectively. The highest rated oil is SM oil, as it’s engineered to improve resistance to rust and buildup in your vehicle’s engine. Look for these qualifications, as lower quality oils still exist on the market.

Oil Types

Conventional oil and synthetic oil are the two main types on the market. Conventional oil is usually less expensive, and it’s fine to use in most engines. There are some engines, such as luxury or performance vehicles, that require synthetic oil. So, what’s the difference between conventional and synthetic oils? Synthetic oils go through a refinement process that makes it better suited to fine-tuned engineering. There are also blended oils on the market that are made for more unique vehicle needs, such as high-mileage or turbocharged engines.

What’s Right for You?

Review your owner’s manual for the proper type of oil for your vehicle. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual is a great tool for learning about the specific needs of your vehicle. Also, you can rest assured that our service technicians know exactly the best type of oil for your vehicle, even down to the specified weight.


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